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The music of Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites -- a mash up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old; roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagoda, etc.) and West African groove science. Polarity also describes the dual streams of Polarity/1's musical output: songs and instrumentals.

After a few years of playing percussion in samba bands at S.O.B.'s and other venues. Polar landed in hip hop which combined his interests in grooves, samples and wordplay into one form. He and rapper D.A.V. became Medicine Crew. In the aftermath of 9/11, Polar was asked to do a remix of Nile Rodgers' We Are Family Project released on a compilation by Tommy Boy Records. His experience of 9/11 which was perpetrated in his neighborhood led to a collaboration with multi-platinum Pakistan rock band Junoon resulting in their hit song 'No More'. John Hollander has choreographed four Polarity/1 compositions for New York's Battery Dance Company's fall season opening in November 2006 and has been touring extensively with the piece. In 2008, he scored "The Other Side" for the Quorum Ballet from Lisbon Portugal. P/1's new collaboration, Koko Dozo, released their first album Illegal Space Aliens in February 2008.

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Buy Polarity/1's music from these retailers: has placed ten Polarity/1 songs in their Top Ten categories including Best Song All Genres, Alternative, Electronic, Experimental Electronic. Four of those have placed #1 in their respective charts.

Polarity/1 has been Featured Artist on and Reverb Nation and has reached #4 on's Ultimate Artist List

"It may not be easy to categorize, but with its inventive rhythms and wide-ranging choices of instrumentation, Speechless is thoroughly entertaining." - iTunes Staff Review

"Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you 'expect' to hear." -

"Polarity/1 is a musical force unleashing some of the hippest beats and timely lyric on the scene." -

"This is from the old FCC Commissioner, Nicholas Johnson, who just listened to your News Goo... and wants to thank you for that. News Goo is really terrific! I'd like to share some of it with some of my colleagues here at the law school... However that may be, thank you for all you are doing. Regards, Nicholas Johnson"

More from Polarity/1 on these fine website:

genre: Global Funktronica,
Electronica Fusion
(one sheet)

Space Is The Place: The Science Non-Fiction Of Koko Dozo's Superheroes

Three illegal music aliens, on the lam from Earth's corporate noise plantation, joined forces to re-splice the DNA of the Cosmic Hum. To accomplish this, they forge molecules from every genre of Earth tones into Global Funktronica to feed the ears of illegal music aliens everywhere -- one of whom might be dancing around at this very moment in the room next to you.

"We're sure most of you have a place in your heart for that classic New York house brashness, and we're just as sure most of you have never heard a band put it to use in well-crafted songs like this one. The purveyors, Koko Dozo, just had an album release party at Nacotheque, and you are < if you missed it. That means less than." -

Track Listing:
Second Time ~ Face On The Dancefloor
Boomchi ~ Shine ~ D.C. Whore
Down ~ Fulano de Tal ~ The Heart

genre: Electro-folk, Alternative,
(one sheet)
POLARITY/1 - Music From The Other Side on Amie Street
Yankin' The Food Chain is a genre-bending organism with a head full of singer/songwriter and a butt full of groove science from funk/hip hop to pan African World Beat. One song -- News Goo (The More You Watch, The less You Know) has found its way on the soundtracks of two films about media. It's been played regularly for the past seven years by Amy Goodman on her Democracy Now syndicated broadcasts and has been downloaded by numerous college professors as a teaching aid for their classes on journalism and media.

Composed, performed and produced by Polar with guest appearances by The Greatest Guitar Player In the World Pete McCann, ex-Prince bass player Scott Parker Allen, percussionist Joe Cardello and Brazilian Girls vocalist Sabina Sciubba.

Track Listing:
News Goo ~ Jam Inya Jammies
The Blood ~ Di Hard
Salesman ~ Look At Your Shoeshine
Boomers Blues ~ Bag Of Bones
Cincinnati Pink

Danny Schechter's latest feature-length documentary, In Debt We Trust focuses on America's addiction to debt and the legalized loan-sharking by the credit card industry. Polarity/1 composed the main theme (Free Money) and, along with Audioplasm, composed most of the score. Polar served as Music Supervisor. The Soundtrack is a collection of songs from the film, as well as songs that speak to the film's issues.

Polarity/1 Tracks Featured in In Debt We Trust:
3) Free Money (But You Have To Pay) - mp3
4) Audioplasm: I'm So Broke - mp3
5) Audio Crib Notes For In Debt We Trust
7) Winter In America (Chills To The Bone) - mp3
16) Charge It - mp3
21) Free Money Blues - mp3
23) Bonus Track: KaChing (short version) - mp3

genre: Electronica, Soundtrack,
Acid Jazz, Experimental
(one sheet)
POLARITY/1 - Music From The Other Side on Amie Street
Music From The Other Side is the soundtrack for a dance performance by Lisbon's Quorum Ballet. The Other Side's principal objective is to fuse the style and art of the dance of Lisbon and New York. The work is the collaboration of choreographers Daniel Cardoso, Jonathan Hollander and Thaddeus Davis, artistic directors of Quorum Ballet, Battery Dance Company and Wideman/Davis Dance respectively. Dark, moody, erotic and aggressive, it explores the theme of oppression. This has always been an issue for the peoples on both sides of the Atlantic. The piece examines the roles of the different agents: the instigator, the oppressor, the oppressed and the observer.

Track Listing:
Some Things Will Happen ~ Land O' Debbies
Voices In The Dark Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
Many Thanks ~ Fulano de Tal (instrumental)
bonus track: Fulano de Tal (vocals)

genre: Electronica (one sheet)
POLARITY/1 - Speechless on Amie Street POLARITY/1 - Speechless on CD Baby
POLARITY/1 - Speechless on iTunes POLARITY/1 - Speechless on Rhapsody
Speechless changes the colors of the room. Things happen. Cheesy cultural artifacts sprinkled on sarcastic spaghetti. Mood music for non-linear equations and unlikely postures. Doesn't require drug-ingestion... IS drug ingestion. The grooves moves and the sex is textural. Beat science for curved dancefloor.

Speechless was one of five nominees for Best Electronica CD of 2004 for indie music organization JFP (Just Plain Folks) that covers music from 85 countries in over 60 different genres of music. It's been remastered and re-released with a new track.

Track Listing:
Bring On The Sudz ~ Senhor Softee
The Marvin Stomp ~ Speechless
The Eagle Has Descended ~ Nilestones
Blues For Chucky ~ The Sumo Glide
Land O' Debbies ~ Munton's Revenge

genre: Electro-Folk (one sheet)
POLARITY/1 - Prettier Than You on Amie Street POLARITY/1 - Prettier Than You on CD Baby
POLARITY/1 - Prettier Than You on iTunes
Prettier Than You is a new collection of new avant/derriere songs. P1's further commitment to the idea of orchestrating with genre as well as instruments and sonics. Delirium, stories and op-ed are sung and rapped over funky electronica and surprising genre-blending recipes: a woozy blues/cha cha-from-hell paeon to a 1950's aging Jewish hitman, a blues rock/Afrobeat/samba about living in the blue light of tv addiction. A dirty folky country children's song is propelled by a groove from northern Brazil. There's a roots blues song about greasy love and infotainment that's full of jazz reggae; a cover of a Brazilian classic that Polar sings in Portugeuse in a traditional samba can¨‹o format with a smatter of electronic noise, metal guitar and electronically mutated metal wastebasket. Sweaty on the bottom and literate on top.

Track Listing:
Love Is Hard ~ Prettier Than You ~ There's Music
Swing That Kaddish ~ KaChing ~ Duck
Garbage Man ~ Seventy Virgins ~ Dan¨a Da Solid‹o
Free Money ~ Charge It

genre: Electro-Folk (one sheet)
POLARITY/1 - Heavy Meadow on iTunes
Audioplasm is Polarity/1 (Polar Levine) and Rubio. Heavy Meadow is Audioplasm's first album. It's got the strangest, hottest grooves on Planet Earth. And that's a fact. A stew of sliced & diced voices and scraps of lost & found sonic trash along with live playing - marinated in delerium.

Track Listing:
Guillermo Ate My Lunch
Heavy Meadow ~ Naddy Waddy
Pa La Lucha ~ Egg-shaped Egg
Bob Smith Of The FBI
Miss Bunnel's Holiday
Many Thanks To You Jack ~ Ass Man

Koko Dozo- " Face On The Dancefloor" Live @ Nacotheque

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